Giving Back

“The expression “pay it forward” is used

to describe the concept of asking that a

good turn be repaid by having it

done to others instead.”


I do not charge for photo shoots.

Instead, I encourage you to pay it forward.

Here are the details below:


(I am located in San Francisco.)

Portraits, Engagements, Pets, and Family Portraits: (Value of $450.00) 

      You will receive:

  • 1-2 hours photo shoot
  • High resolution hand edited and original photos through (free)


To qualify for a free photo shoot:

1. Every single person involved in the photo shoot must have completed one of these:

             a.Volunteer at least half a day helping others. Examples include but are not limited to, preparing meals for the homeless or walking dogs at the animal shelter. You must provide the website and contact information of the volunteer coordinator in order to verify that you volunteered there. You must volunteer between the time you contact me and the time we meet up for a photo shoot.


            b. Donate to any accredited charity of your choice. Donations must be made to a charity between the time you contact me and the time we meet up for the photo shoot. Please provide proof of donation as well as contact information for the charity. Know how your charitable donations will be spent before you donate.  If you don’t know where to donate this site has done most of the research for you

2. Understand that I retain the right in all cases to use the photographs in any manner at any time and in any part of the world for any purpose I want.


Charities looking for photographers:

I am very excited to hear more about your organization and how I can help. I am able to offer photo sessions for your silent auction. I do not offer event photography. Sorry. I look forward to hearing from you!


Other Collaborations:

I would love to get our creative juices flowing, so yes! contact me!




Jerome - Lucy,

I don’t have your direct email addy, so am posting here. Your “pay it forward” concept is totally awesome. Judging by the quality of your work, I thought you definitely charged for your work. But, when Mable told me about your concept, I had to visit your site and check it out myself. It’s especially heart-warming to know that all the people in your photos are philanthropists too! Anyway – just wanted to give you a shout out for such an awesome idea! You are awesome!


admin - aww…thanks Jerome!

oleh - Hi Lucy,

Jerome suggested that I talk to you about volunteering. Could you email me you ph #?

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