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I finally uploaded a video of Mr. Clam sticking out his tongue!


Mr. Clam’s Store:

Baby’s Bib, Luggage tags, cards, thermo mugs, Magnets, etc.(products here do not come with my signatures, it will come with my name printed at the top right in white):

All profits will be donated to a charity of my choice at the end of the year.


If you would like to order a canvas print or a poster of any kind please go to



Mr. Clam is thrilled to be featured in the news!


KGW, Channel 8 Portland News

Smithsonian Magazine July/August 2012 edition



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Europe Travels 2012

I truly love Europe.

It’s full of life.

I love the culture.

the people.

the food.

and especially their beautiful squares.

Brussels, Belgium

Grand Place comes in first place as the most stunning square in Europe

Do you agree?

Spain, Madrid

Their City Hall was lit up in all sorts of color that night. 

It was so beautiful…

Barcelona, Spain

Familia Sagrada

The amazingly famous architect Antoni Gaudi’s work.

His work is…just…jaw dropping

Valencia, Spain

Futuristic indeed.

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