Smithsonian Magazine FINALIST!

While clamming at the Oregon coast, I took a clam out of the water and placed it on a rock. I then crouched down for about 10 minutes waiting to get a photo of the clam opening up. Little did I know that it not only opened up for me, but it smiled for the camera.  This photo (shown below) was chosen among more than 60,000 entries received from all over the world as one of the top ten finalists in the Natural World category of the Smithsonian Magazine 9th annual photo contest seen here:

On  April 30, 2012 they will announce the category winners, a Grand Prize Winner, and a viewer choice award winner.

The winners will be featured in the Smithsonian Magazine and showcased temporarily at one of the Smithsonian Museums in DC.


Lastly, I would like to thank my husband for encouraging me to submit this photo to this contest. If it weren’t for him, this photo would’ve rotted on facebook. =)

Thanks to my family and friends for all the encouragement and support!

Happy voting!!! =)

~ Lucy Chien

“Oregon will always be a special place for me having grown up there.

It taught me many things including how to respect nature and especially wildlife.

So for me to be able to capture this clam in its natural habitat seemingly evading capture, was a moment that put a smile on my face.

Little did I know that even Clams have a personality and know how to smile for the camera.”

~Lucy Chien

Clam sticking out tongue

Mari - Awesome pic!!! I feel like doing it back ;p at cha!!!!!

Lucy - Thanks so much! haha..

Felipe Meyer - Hey Lucy, I´m Wendy´s boyfriend,
Great pic!!…Congrats!!!

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Best of Babies & Children

Best of Babies and Children

Melanie’s Precious Family

Melanie is an extraordinary woman with a wonderful family.

She is the President of a non-profit called St. Anthony’s Bridal.

 They provide Free Use of Wedding Gowns and Reception Items and Free Prom Gowns to real brides with real budgets (wedding total less than $3,000)



~ The Lim & Chen’s family ~



Jennifer - I donated my wedding dress to St. Anthony’s, I thought it was a great cause!!

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